• From L to R: Prof Bill Shannon, Prof Robert Vince, Prof Robert Geraghty, Prof Zhengqiang Wang
    From L to R: Prof Bill Shannon, Prof Robert Vince, Prof Robert Geraghty, Prof Zhengqiang Wang

    Prof Vince Receives Antonin Holy Memorial Award from ISAR

    Prof Robert Vince has been awarded the Antonin Holy Memorial Award from the International Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR).

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  • Pof Salomon in Soudan mine

    Prof Salomon's Research featured by the University

    How life in the Soudan Mine could save the Midwest bat population

    Researchers from the University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design are getting closer to finding a solution to the problem of White Nose Syndrome affecting bat populations throughout the country. For the past six years, Christine Salomon, PhD, and her colleagues have been researching microorganisms living deep in the Soudan Mine in northeast Minnesota. Read More

  • Photo by: Caitlin Abrams

    Prof. Robert Vince featured on Mpls.StPaul Magazine

    Life Saver: Robert Vince, a Minnesota superhero, creates drugs to combat diseases like AIDS and cancer.


  • Wang Group
    Wang Group

    Prof Wang Awarded NIH Grant

    Congratulations to Prof. Zhengqiang Wang for being awarded a new 5 year grant by NIH

    Structural studies of HIV Capsid with host factors and Capsid-targeting antivirals
    Duration: 06/15/2015—05/31/2020
    Funding Agency: NIH/NIAID
    Type: Multiple PI R01
    PI(s): Stefan Sarafianos, PhD & Zhengqiang Wang, PhD

Message from the Director

Robert Vince

Robert Vince, PhD

The Center for Drug Design (CDD) was created to combine research and scholarship leading to the development of novel drugs for therapeutic applications, such as HIV, cancer, neurological diseases, dermatological agents, infectious diseases, novel processes, and medical devices. The Center for Drug Design combines the best of academic tradition along with an expectation of innovation and independence, and provides significant value  for our academic and research community.

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Next Seminar

Erin CarlsonErin E. Carlson, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota
The Carlson Group unites tools from chemistry and biology to promote the development and application of technologies that will contribute to the understanding of new strategies for treatment of bacterial infections and the discovery of efficacious compounds. Three complementary research directions are being pursued: (i) Protein Function – design and application of chemical probes for characterization of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis (ii) Target Exploration – generation of methods for the investigation and inhibition of histidine kinases (iii) Molecule Discovery – development of strategies to dramatically expand our ability to explore natural product chemical space.

Title: Chemical Probes for Histidine Kinase Protein Profiling and Inhibitor Discovery    

Date: May 18, 2016 (Wednesday)      Time: 10:30 - 11:30 AM      Venue: Moos 2-690

Spotlight on Research

Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Profs Robert Vince and Swati More have developed a noninvasive imaging technique that tracks accumulation of the Alzheimer’s peptide, amyloid-β, in the eye.

Pre-Clinical Study for Cyanide Antidote

A faster acting and safer than existing options, an antidote for cyanide poisoning that works prophylactically to prevent or limit toxicity associated from exposure to cyanide has been developed.

CDD Functional Cosmetic

The Center for Drug Design has developed compounds that not only protect the skin from UV damage but also activate the enzymes which repair damaged DNA in the skin.