Employment Opportunities

Center for Drug Design employs the very best in research and invites applications from highly accomplished scientific researchers. Extensive funding sources allow CDD to hire and retain elite talent in various positions, such as: Post-Doctoral Research Associates, Research Associates, Scientists, Research Fellows etc. The applications for medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, or related fields, are invited from bachelors, masters or doctoral candidates as per the job requirements, when an opening is advertised.

Two Postdoctoral Associate Positions - Wang Group (Posted on Feb 13th, 2019)

Two Postdoctoral Associate Positions - Wang Group (Posted on Feb 13th, 2019)

Two NIH-funded Postdoctoral Positions in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota.

Two postdoc positions in medicinal chemistry are immediately available in the Wang group at the Center for Drug Design, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota (http://z.umn.edu/wang-group). Our research is primarily on antiviral medicinal chemistry and supported by multiple NIH R01 grants targeting HIV, hepatitis B virus (HBV) and human cytomegalovirus (HCMV). The main duties of the positions are to design, synthesize and characterize small molecule inhibitors targeting various viral and/or cellular proteins implicated in these human viral pathogens. All candidates must have a PhD in medicinal or organic chemistry with strong background in organic synthesis. Experience in molecular docking is preferred. Successful candidates will also be able to work and communicate within an interdisciplinary team. Fresh PhD graduates are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should submit via email (wangx472@umn.edu) an application package as a single PDF consisting of:

(1) cover letter indicating research and career interests, as well as the earliest starting date;

(2) CV;

(3) a brief research summary; and

(4) names and contact information for three references.

The email subject line should be "Postdoc".

One Postdoctoral Associate Position - Geraghty Group (Posted on December 4th, 2018)

One Postdoctoral Associate Position - Geraghty Group (Posted on December 4th, 2018)

A Postdoctoral Associate position is available starting March 1, 2019 for an NIH-funded project on herpesvirus drug discovery. 

Required Qualifications: Candidates should have: (1) a Ph.D. in biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, virology, or related field; (2) a strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry or virology; (3) published in international peer-reviewed journals. 

Preferred Qualifications: Experience working with recombinant protein expression, cell culture, viruses or in drug discovery is a plus.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Robert Geraghty


  • Identify problems related to the research and recommend solutions as they arise.
  • Familiarity with up-to-date laboratory safety protocols and employ them in the course of all work.
  • Generation of experimental documentation including reporting.
  • Coordinate data collection, analysis and evaluation including reporting.
  • Careful experimentation and record keeping, including the preparation of manuscripts describing the results of the research.
  • Carry out literature searches relative to the research topic
  • Help with the organization and maintenance of the laboratory and its equipment.
  • Participate in research discussions with members of the research teams in a highly collaborative research environment.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Interested candidates should submit a pdf with cover letter, CV and names/info for three references to gerag012@umn.edu.