Jaime L. Nugent

Senior Scientist, Center for Drug Design (CDD)

Jaime L. Nugent

Contact Info


Office Phone 612-626-9728

Office Address:
7-158 Phillips-Wangensteen Building
516 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Mailing Address:
MMC 204
312 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Northland College (Biology)



Research Summary/Interests

Currently I design and analyze results of animal models for testing novel compounds designed by CDD chemists. Present areas of research include toxicity testing, skin biology, and neurodegenerative disease.


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  • Ericson M, Nugent J, Gupta K, Hordinsky M. Visualizing hair follicle-associated lympahtics in human and murine skin. 5th International Congress of Hair Research. Oral Presentation O-7A-4. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007)
  • Nugent J, Hordinsky M, Gupta K, Ericson ME. Hair-raising angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. 3rd Mayo Clinic Angiogenesis Symposium: State of the Art Connections from Biology to Translational Medicine #17. Mayo clinic, Rochester, MN (2008)
  • Sandager,Maribeth, Nugent, Jaime, Schultz, Wade, Messner, Ronald, Tam, Patricia, Interactions between multiple genetic determinants in the 5 UTR and VP1 capsid control pathogenesis of chronic post-viral myopathy caused by coxsackie virus B1, Virology 372(1):35-47 2008
  • Posey B, Nugent JS, Gupta K, Ericson ME. Remodeling of hair-follicle associated lymphatic vessels is dependent on hair follicle development and hair cycle dependent changes in murine skin. Society of Investigative Dermatology, Atlanta, GA., abst. 658.(2009)