Jim Beach, PhD

Research Associate, Center for Drug Design (CDD)

Jim Beach

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Office Phone 612-624-2146

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Room 4-270, Nils Hasselmo Hall

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MMC 204 Mayo
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Research Associate, Center for Drug Design (CDD)

PhD, University of Virginia (Biomedical engineering), 1983

MS, University of Michigan (Bioengineering), 1976

BS, University of Michigan (Electrical Engineering), 1972


I am a biomedical engineer with experience in academia and industry.My main research area is the development of new methodologies for bio-imaging and medical applications.Currently I am also the Director for Technology Development at CytoViva, Inc, a producer of scientific and hyperspectral imaging systems located in Auburn, Alabama.At the CDD I have been working with Dr. Swati More and Dr. Bob Vince on imaging of the retina in genetic Alzheimer's mice, and with our human study for Alzheimer's disease detection using an eye exam.This work is based on the recent successful outcome of detecting amyloid aggregation in Alzheimer's mice here at the CDD.

Awards & Recognition

  • 1992 - Innovative Research in Physiology and Medicine Award, U. KY. 
  • 1993 - First Award, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. 
  • 2005 - Space Foundation Hall of Fame Award for Portable Hyperspectral Imaging System

Professional Associations

CytoViva, Inc., Alabama 


Research Summary/Interests

While on faculty at the University of Virginia I designed and used a fluorescence technique to measure membrane potential in the intact microvasculature of the hamster cheek pouch.This was the first report to employ ratiometric fluorescence emission recordings in a study using the potentiometric dye di-8-ANEPPS. This work established electrical signaling as a basis for conducted vasomotor activity in the microcirculation and thus a mechanism for regional blood flow regulation.Success with these experiments enabled me to obtain an NIH First Award through the NHLB Institute in 1993 and start on the academic leg of my career.Later while still at Virginia, I and co-workers developed the dual-wavelength recording technique for measuring blood oxygen saturation in human retinal vessels.The research in humans showed that blood flow autoregulation is impaired in diabetes before the appearance of background retinopathy.My work was supported by a regular research grant through the National Institutes of Health.Shortly after leaving academics I and some former colleagues started a biomedical imaging company which produces the retinal oximeter for clinical research.Later I developed and used a hyperspectral imaging technique to measure the oxygen supply in primates and mice.We were able to show that oxygen concentration in retinal vessels was reduced significantly during high intraocular pressures.Through that work I gained experience in ophthalmic imaging with animals.Most recently in 2016 I worked with Dr. Swati More and Dr. Bob Vince on a mouse spectral imaging system for early detection of amyloidopathy in genetic Alzheimer's mice here at the Center for Drug Design. This got me back to academic research after more than a decade in private industry.The work produced the first report showing that hyperspectral light scatter profiles from the retina can be used as an optical assay for build-up of plaque precursor molecules, enabling an early detection of Alzheimer's disease, and a means for evaluation of potential drug treatments that could prevent the unfortunate symptoms of cognitive decline.


  • Pending:Spectral-Spatial Imaging Device, Vince, More and Beach, March 10, 2016.
  • Pending:Three-Dimensional Image Processing to Locate Nanoparticles in Biological and Non-Biological Media.Beach, Lawrence, Cheatham, Uertz and Dougherty, March 12, 2013.
  • US Patent 7949387: A Method for Evaluating Relative Oxygen Saturation on Body Tissues, Khoobehi and Beach, Issued May 24, 2011.
  • US Patent 6,969,843:Light Standard for Microscopy. Beach and Ross, Issued 11/29/05.
  • US Patent 5,489,771: Beach and Duling, An LED Light Standard for Photo- and Videomicroscopy, Issued 2/6/96.


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