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March 8, 2017

Vince and MoreProf Swati More, and Prof Robert Vince (Director of the Center for Drug Design), have discovered a potential new drug that works as an antidote to acetaminophen poisoning. It’s named ψ-Glutathione (Pseudo-Glutathione), similar to the naturally-occurring compound&n

June 23, 2016

Researchers at the Center for Drug Design, Profs. Robert Vince, Swati More and Dr. James Beach, have devised a new concept that may allow detection of Alzheimer's disease at an early stage — early enough to give drugs a chance to work! For the first time, changes associated with early stages of the diseases were detected in live mice through color-shifts in the light reflected by the retina. This success, from work with mice predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease, paves a way for a human trial to further test this technique.

April 21, 2016

Prof Robert Vince has been awarded the Antonin Holy Memorial Award from the International Society for Antiviral Research (ISAR). PDF

Bob Vince


March 30, 2016

How life in the Soudan Mine could save the Midwest bat population
Researchers from the University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design are getting closer to finding a solution to the problem of White Nose Syndrome affecting bat populations throughout the country. For the past six years, Christine Salomon, PhD, and her colleagues have been researching microorganisms living deep in the Soudan Mine in northeast Minnesota.

June 29, 2015

Life Saver: Robert Vince, a Minnesota superhero, creates drugs to combat diseases like AIDS and cancer. How many millions of lives has Dr. Robert Vince saved? It’s hard to put an exact number on it, but millions certainly, if not a good deal more. Vince invents drugs, and before he invented the anti-viral drug Ziagen, now known by its generic name abacavir, HIV/AIDS was a fast death sentence. Ziagen was the first drug specifically designed to combat AIDS that worked.

December 12, 2014

On Dec. 11, 2014, Bob Vince won the Impact Award for his development of the ground-breaking AIDS drug, Ziagen. At the ceremony, Made in Minnesota: Celebrating University Innovators, President Kaler awarded Prof. Vince with a trophy for his innovative work. This inaugural award was given by the Office of Vice President Research (OVPR).

In the video below Prof. Vince discusses his innovation. 

October 24, 2014

Were drug design a road, it would surely be a Minnesota street fraught with potholes, ice and gravel. Even the best ideas can fall by the wayside somewhere between the lab and your corner pharmacy in the process of drug discovery and development. Recently, University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design member, organic chemist and assistant professor Liqiang Chen, Ph.D., published a paper in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry outlining the discovery of a pot

March 4, 2014

Even in the harshest conditions, life finds a way to thrive. More than 2,300 feet underground in the lowest recess of an old iron mine in northern Minnesota, researchers have found mysterious life in pools of water that they believe might be touching oxygen for the first time in more than 2.4 billion years. University of Minnesota researchers have been studying microorganisms living in the Soudan Underground Mine, 224 miles north of the Twin Cities.

February 18, 2014

Even though sun damage may be the furthest thing from your mind right now, don’t let the cool weather fool you. Irreversible skin damage can happen all year round and excessive exposure to the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can have many adverse effects. So, just wear sunscreen, right? Well, here’s the kicker.

September 9, 2013

University of Minnesota researchers have found that two cancer drugs combined in pill form can be used to fight HIV. The research, published Aug. 30, still has a long road ahead before the pill can be tested on humans — a road that will take years to travel. “The road is littered with the carcasses of failed drug treatments,” said Dr. Keith Henry, director of HIV research at the Hennepin County Medical Center.