The research conducted at CDD includes design, discovery and development of therapeutics for various conditions affecting human health. These diverse conditions include cancer, neurological disorders, viral diseases etc. Along with a proven track record of success in developing compounds of medicinal interest (carbovir and abacavir), CDD has added more drug candidates to its growing repertoire.

Spotlight on Research


Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Profs Robert Vince and Swati More have developed a noninvasive imaging technique that tracks accumulation of the Alzheimer’s peptide, amyloid-β, in the eye.

Functional cosmetics


The Center for Drug Design has developed compounds that not only protect the skin from UV damage but also activate the enzymes which repair damaged DNA in the skin.


Pre-Clinical Study for Cyanide Antidote

A faster acting and safer than existing options, an antidote for cyanide poisoning that works prophylactically to prevent or limit toxicity associated from exposure to cyanide has been developed.